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Speak English with Confidence

If you have grown up in Egypt, then you have studied English for 14 years, but why do you still can’t speak clearly?!


The most difficult part of Learning English pronunciation is now the easiest!


Unlock all the secrets of the 44 sounds of American English


Be understood from the first time and never repeat yourself again

Don’t just take our word for it!

I indeed recommend this place to learn English pronunciation. Abdullah is a talented instructor with great patience. Abdelrahman is a very helpful and organized person. I am speechless. Really thank you for your great work. I wish you all health and blessings.

Mai Atef

English Teacher

Highly recommended, best place to learn English in a different way, it’s really worthy of your time, effort and money.

Doha Elbadry

Electrical Design Engineer

The choice which you will never ever regret .., ( The best place to learn ..,The super professional trainer )- Abdullah Tareq ) ⭐️After long time of searching , this workshop was exactly what i want , a very good & important content . I thought I waste my summer vacation 😅 on this workshop , but the exact opposite of this thinking , it is really worth .. l enjoyed the sessions & the process while i’m trying to improve my accent ,, now i’m so proud that I had the chance to study with them .An advice from me as a student .. If you decide to master the English pronunciation , you will not find a better place or more professional instructor than Abdullah , he is very honest and sincere in his work … I wish you an awesome chance like mine.

Mariam el Hassan

English Teacher