Amazing page .. That's all i've learned a lot of things from you Thank you all ���

thumb Mohammed Abdel-Razek

  thank you for everything. in Scientific Accent I learned more than American accent, I learned how to make a Perfect presentation even though if I was improvising. Now I am able to get better in English Alone, I know all the tools those would help me to learn English and also make me sound like a native speaker. it's Only about me and you, just by the Hard work we can do anything we want.

thumb Ahmed Nasser

  I start to share with you it's very beautiful there's chance in your place for learning kids or just for adult ,thanks too much

thumb Abeer Shawky

  Five weeks changed a lot of things really! In the past when I was asking how to pronounce this word, anyone can tell me the pronunciation without the reason or the rule of it. But now I can pronounce any word by applying the basic rule, not by following someone only. In this workshop we didn’t learn English only, but we learned how to charge ourselves with positive energy and remove all of negative energy from our minds. This is the first course which has actually helped me to improve my accent by the way that’s I need. Mr Abdullah, you taught me how to learn & study English alone without taking another course again. And that will help me to save my time and get out from learning zone to performance zone. I wanna say a lot of things, but honestly no words enough to describe what you deserve. American Accent with Scientific Accent is really easy and enjoyable <3 <3

thumb Mahmoud Abd-el Ftah

  It's great page i wanna learn ..

thumb Gazram Elhocine

  when i started in this place, i remember that day actually like the back of my hand .. all the pronunciation of the words i learned in my school was wrong gasp emoticon !! i was shocked ...:'D actually this place changed me , it's n't only about learning English and programming my tongue,, it's about being a part of a family , about being a good presenter ,being my own teacher .. Scientific Accent put me on the best way to start .. you need almost 8 sessions to know the way to search and learn without any help .. in all places which teach English you need to attend 2 months to complete only one level .. i recommend this place .. i love being here <3 Thanks Scientific Accent <3 ,, Thanks Mr\ @Abduallah Tarek

thumb Mariam Abo Zaid

  you're the best, guys,keep going... god bless you all =D

thumb Sara Kh Ahmed

  There is no words that describe this course really .. i learned alot and i will learn from it more and more .. really thank you

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  I see it's a nice page that trying to help people

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  Thank you Scientific Accent for the guidelines and advices out of which I scored 7 in my IELTS speaking test.

thumb Mostafa Hafiz

  Actually this workshop is very awesome and it's let you familiar with all of phontics symbles..

thumb Mohamed El Saadany

  If you following them you have won 😀 no one can unlove Abdallah <3

thumb Şehzade Muhammed Hassen

  I enjoyed every second with Scientific Accent. Mr.Abdullah You said before there is no magical formula for learning English but I think there is a magical Instructor who is you and a magical place which is scientific Accent . thanks very much

thumb Ahmed Adel

  If u want to learn American English not Egyptian English at a short time :'D I recommend you to join scientific accent course ^_^ I enjoyed it very much 🙂

thumb مريم وليد

  You will enjoy every second in this place .. Scientific accent will help you to improve your accent in an amazing way ^^

thumb Marmar Hamed

  Scientific Accent is the most awesome place you can learn the right pronunciations

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  very awesome i love it very much , thanks for your effort and time and everythhing i wish you a bright future

thumb Mina Farag

  بغض النظر انى مبحبش الكورسات وكده لان مبحسش ب اى استفادة ولكن انا حبيت workshop دى جدا وحبيت المكان لانهم مش زى باقى الكورسات يفضلو يدونا قواعد وخلاص لا بالعكس احنا اتعلمنا كل حاجة عمليا وبالممارسة و activities الى بيعملوها فعلا غيرت طريقة كلامى والنطق اتغير تماما و تقريبا كده كل الى اتعلمناه فى المدارس او الكليات كان غلط 😀 😀 وكمان مغيرتش الانجلش بتاعى بس لا غيرتنا شخصيا .. I think you're gonna be No.1 #كيان_scientific_accent_<3_<3

thumb Khalil Mohamed

  I know it's too late to write a review, but i just have no words that can describe my feeling when i'm there. You teach us much more than just an accent and language, You inspired us to follow our dreams. A "Thank You" may not be enough, But your support has made me a stronger person and I will forever be grateful. <3

thumb Ahmed M. Hassan

  Wow, i love way of teaching.i didn't think you were Arab.Your accent is like native Americans and maybe better than some Americans themselves.Keep in touch with us,we need more from you.Thanks a lot from Morocco 👑

thumb Àhmed Marsoul

  There's no word can describe this place, it was the best 6 weeks. I've enjoyed every moment at the workshop. I learned a lot and my pronunciation's been improved, I learned how to be independent, how to search for and pronounce any word I see for the first time. Abdullah Thank you so much for you effort and your patience. Abdel Rahman Thank you for always being there to help us If you want to improve your pronunciation and your accent to think twice, don't hesitate and go to Scientific Accent <3 <3

thumb Merna Zahran

  The best place you can learn the tricky of the American accent, that's it.

thumb Sheriff Mohamed Gwefel

  A very beneficial experience. Shortly, Scientific Accent is the best English workshop or course I've ever enrolled in! I always recommend this place if you need real results in a short time. I recommend Scientific Accent to all my friends even the people I meet accidentally in the public transportation! The following up program you present is priceless! Keep going and Keep improving. Thank You!

thumb نوران نور الدين

  Scientific Accent no words can describe how much it’s awesome... We in Scientific Accent don't learn how to study American Accent, they teach us how to be in love with American Accent. Abdullah our instructor is absolutely amazing! Very passionate about his job which is obviously more than just a job for him, and Scientific Accent’s club is like a family where I share my knowledge, experience in English in a lovely environment with my friends. Scientific Accent is my Comfort zone that inspires me and helps me to achieve my dreams.

thumb Maggy Wagih

  This workshop is awesome Those who work there are so patient ,Support us to become better and full of positive energy This place make u optimistic and powerful. If someone insists on doing somthimg they will do it,it's not only in english but in the whole life.just remove "i can't" from ur mind. Thanks scientific accent ❤ U are good example in every thing.

thumb Yasmin Haggag

  I don't know how to start actually 😀 But all I know is : this place will really change you not only in English as you think but in many other things Well, I can say that they help you to remove all the negative energy and all the negative thinking that you have The way of teaching here is different They helped me in many things like : Reading At the beginning it was hard to read an English article or an English book But they taught me how to read in a way that can help me to improve my pronunciation and get all the benefits of the book and now it's very easy as I have read 4 books already They taught me how to give a presentation and how to be a good presenter They taught me all the rules of the American accent and they kept correcting every mistake I made It's just about you .. if you want to work hard or not If you want to work hard , believe me they will keep helping you until you become a very good speaker All I can say is : it's not just an English course It's far better than that. 🙂

thumb Ahmed Mustafa

  I visited just 5 minutes back but I believe the page will make my live different if I followed.... Thanks a million

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  For real.. That's what are we need to learn. Thanks.

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  This workshop is very amazing and helpful. I learned a lot of things in it. and our trainer Abdullah Tareq is such a special hard worker, he teaches us a lot of things , supports us. finally if you really want to improve your accent and practice your English very comfortably with professional person and improve your skills, start this workshop now. let me admit something... starting studing in Scientific accent on December 2016 was the best thing which happened to me at the end of such a very hard year like 2016 . Because of this place I became a better trainer. it's one of these few places which can change your life.

thumb Basma El Mohamady

  We are here to eliminate the Egyptian accent 😀 and to build the biggest educational content resource for the English language in the Middle East.

thumb Abdullah Tareq